What is a fixed cost quizlet? (2023)

What is a fixed cost quizlet?

Fixed costs are costs that does not depend on the firms' level of output. -These costs are incurred even if the firm is producing nothing.

What is a fixed cost answer?

Fixed costs are costs that do not change when sales or production volumes increase or decrease. This is because they are not directly associated with manufacturing a product or delivering a service. As a result, fixed costs are considered to be indirect costs.

Which is an example of a fixed cost quizlet?

Examples of fixed costs include straight-line depreciation, insurance, property taxes, rent, supervisory salaries, administrative salaries, and advertising. Unlike variable costs, fixed costs are not affected by changes in activity.

Which best describes fixed costs?

A fixed cost is a cost that does not change over the short-term, even if a business experiences changes in its sales volume or other activity levels.

What does it mean when a cost is fixed?

Fixed costs are expenses that stay the same no matter how much activity a business is doing. They're the opposite of variable costs. Fixed costs have to be paid even if a business doesn't do any trade for the day. They tend to include regular recurring costs like leases, wages and insurance.

Which is not a fixed cost answer?

Wages paid to workers however can vary as the number of workers increase or decrease. Hence it is not considered as a fixed cost.

What is fixed and variable cost answer?

Variable costs change based on the amount of output produced. Variable costs may include labor, commissions, and raw materials. Fixed costs remain the same regardless of production output. Fixed costs may include lease and rental payments, insurance, and interest payments.

How do you find fixed cost?

  1. Fixed Costs = Total Costs – (Variable Cost Per Unit × Number of Units Produced)
  2. Fixed Cost Per Unit = Total Fixed Cost ÷ Total Number of Units Produced.
  3. Break-Even Point (BEP) = Fixed Costs ÷ Contribution Margin.

What would be an example of a fixed cost?

Examples of fixed costs include rent, salaries, insurance, property taxes, interest expenses, depreciation, and potentially some utilities.

What is an example of a fixed expense?

Fixed expenses generally cost the same amount each month (such as rent, mortgage payments, or car payments), while variable expenses change from month to month (dining out, medical expenses, groceries, or anything you buy from a store).

What is fixed cost or variable cost example?

What Is the Difference Between Fixed Cost and Variable Cost?
Fixed CostsVariable Costs
ExamplesDepreciation, interest paid on capital, rent, salary, property taxes, insurance premium, etc.Commission on sales, credit card fees, wages of part-time staff, etc.
4 more rows
Apr 3, 2023

Which of the following is or are fixed costs?

The different examples of fixed costs can be rent, salaries, and property taxes.

What is the best definition of a fixed variable cost quizlet?

what is the best definition of a fixed variable cost? expense that you must pay each month but the amount can differ. when is the best time to go to the grocery store so you can spend the least amount of money?

What happens to fixed costs?

Fixed costs do not vary with the production level. Total fixed costs remain the same, within the relevant range. However, the fixed cost per unit decreases as production increases, because the same fixed costs are spread over more units.

Is there always a fixed cost?

Fixed costs are in contrast to variable costs, which increase or decrease with the company's level of production or business activity. Together, fixed costs and variable costs comprise the total cost of production. A fixed cost does not necessarily remain perfectly constant. It can vary.

Which of the following is most likely a fixed cost?

Answer and Explanation: The correct answer is option d. property taxes. A fixed cost does not change with the production volume within a relevant range for a given period of time.

Is fixed cost always zero?

Fixed cost is constant at every level of output except zero. When a firm produces no output, fixed costs are zero in the short run.

Why are fixed costs important?

Fixed costs can contribute to better economies of scale because they can decrease per unit when larger quantities are produced. Fixed costs that may be directly associated with production will vary by company but can include costs like direct labor and rent.

What is variable cost answer?

What Is a Variable Cost? A variable cost is a corporate expense that changes in proportion to how much a company produces or sells. Variable costs increase or decrease depending on a company's production or sales volume—they rise as production increases and fall as production decreases.

Why is the difference between fixed and variable costs?

The difference between fixed and variable costs is that fixed costs do not change with activity volumes, while variable costs are closely linked to activity volumes. Thus, fixed costs are incurred over a period of time, while variable costs are incurred as units are produced.

What is the fixed cost per unit quizlet?

Fixed cost per unit is determined by dividing the amount of total fixed cost by the number of units. If volume (number of units) increases or decreases total fixed cost remains constant.

How do you calculate fixed cost quizlet?

average cost is defined as cost incurred by the business in the current period divided by output or simply cost per unit of output. the fixed costs incurred by the business in the current period per unit of output. Average fixed costs are calculated as AFC = TFC , output or AFC = ATC - AVC.

What do fixed costs depend on?

Fixed cost is that cost that is dependent on time but not on the activity levels of your business. However, a higher volume of production, as well as sales, does result in better absorption of the fixed costs, which ultimately leads to an increase in your profits.

What are fixed costs in your life?

Typical fixed expenses include car payments, mortgage or rent payments, insurance premiums and real estate taxes. Typically, these expenses can't be easily changed. On the plus side, they're easy to budget for because they generally stay the same and are paid on a regular basis.

What are fixed costs in the short run examples?

Whether you produce a lot or a little, the fixed costs are the same. One example is the rent on a factory or a retail space. Once you sign the lease, the rent is the same regardless of how much you produce, at least until the lease runs out. Fixed costs can take many other forms.

What is another word for fixed costs?

In accounting and economics, 'fixed costs', also known as indirect costs or overhead costs, are business expenses that are not dependent on the level of goods or services produced by the business.

Are taxes a fixed cost?

Examples of fixed costs include rent, taxes, and insurance.

What is the difference between fixed and variable?

Fixed-rate financing means the interest rate on your loan does not change over the life of your loan. Variable-rate financing is where the interest rate on your loan can change, based on the prime rate or another rate called an “index.”

How do you find fixed and variable costs?

First, add up all of your production costs. Make sure to be clear about which costs are fixed and which ones are variable. Take your total cost of production and subtract your variable costs multiplied by the number of units you produced. This will give you your total fixed cost.

Is marketing a fixed cost?

Marketing expense is categorized as a fixed cost since companies allocate money that they plan to spend over a particular period and will aim to spend the monthly or annual marketing budget. At the same time, there are some elements of marketing expense can be considered variable.

What is an example of a fixed cost?

Examples of Fixed Costs

Fixed costs include any number of expenses, including rental and lease payments, certain salaries, insurance, property taxes, interest expenses, depreciation, and some utilities.

What is a fixed cost and give an example?

Fixed cost is a business expense that does not change regardless of the activity level of the business. Examples of fixed costs include rent, salaries, insurance, property taxes, interest expenses, depreciation, and potentially some utilities.

Is wage a fixed cost?

Wages paid to workers for their regular hours are a fixed cost. Any extra time they spend on the job is a variable cost. In a factory that makes dresses, the variable costs are the fabric and the labor used to make the dresses.

What is one example of fixed cost and variable cost?

Variable cost: Meaning
Fixed costVariable cost
Impact on profit
Higher production results in reducing the costs and increasing the profits.There is no impact on profit with the level of production.
Rent, salaries, and property taxesLabour cost, cost of raw materials, and sales commissions
8 more rows


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